• April 12: Presenter on the “‘How am I to reach you?’– In search of connections in research and movement” Panel at The British Forum for Ethnomusicology Conference
  • January 7: “The Need for More in a Time of Loss: Performing Runnin’ to Grace.” The Modern Language Association Annual Convention



  • October 12: Chair of the “Sonic Protest” Panel at the American Studies Association Annual Meeting
  • June 10: Presentation of “The Ambiguous Play of Jazz.” at the Return to the Center: Black Women, Jazz and Jazz Education Sympoisum hosted by Berklee College of Music
  • April 21: Presentation of “Postwar Paris, Postwar Rome, Postwar Berlin” at the Freedom Abroad: The History of African Americans in Europe Conference hosted by Case Western University and New York University


  • February 21-23: Presentation at “Fluid Black:: Dance Back,” The Collegium for African Diaspora Dance 4th Bi-Annual Conference hosted by Duke University
  • February 3: Guest Talk at Emory University at the James Weldon Johnson Institute for the Study of Race and Difference


  • November 15-16: Symposium Presentation: “Paris/Algiers1969: Declarations of Freedom by the Black American Avant-Garde” at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • November 7-10: Panel Chair at the American Studies Association Annual Meeting
  • June 21-27: Group Art Exhibition at Tapir Gallery, Berlin
  • June 6-8: Symposium Presentation: “Americans in Paris: Artists in the City of Light, 1946–1968” at NYU Paris & American University of Paris, Paris
  • April-May: Visiting Scholar at Freie Universität, Berlin
  • March 22: Performance Workshop at Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg